SpidyJS HTTP Client

Spidy is a browser built with javascript.

This adapter allows you to query search engines with spidyJS, it is a javascript headless browser.


This adapter is still a prototype. Use it with care.


The client is available with the package serps/http-client-spidyjs:

$ composer require 'serps/http-client-spidyjs'

Additional requirement

You will also need nodejs and npm to install spidy.

$ npm install -g spidy@2

If you use a nodejs version that is before 4.0, you will need to install spidy version 1 instead:

$ npm install -g spidy@1


use Serps\HttpClient\SpidyJsClient;

// The constructor accepts 1 optional parameter that is the path to the spidyjs binaries (default to 'spidyjs')
$client = new SpidyJsClient();